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A list of the best forex trading companies in South Africa. Before we list them we have to list the different categories:

  • Best Forex Trading Course in South Africa
  • Best forex trainer in South Africa
  • Best forex trader in South Africa
  • Best forex broker in South Africa
  • Best forex platform in South Africa
  • Best forex Software in South Africa

The best forex trading trading course in South Africa

As I offer a forex course I would be very biased in this category and therefore I will simply list the forex courses that I am aware of that you can do in South Africa

  • SAFX – This is our course and includes everything you need.
  • Market Trader – Market Trader provides a course in Forex and Shares
  • Global Forex Institute – I have not done this course, you can attend a free seminar to find out more.
  • Learn to Trade – Greg Seckers Courses (formerly Knowledge to Action)
  • Forex Coach – Riaan is a great guy and gives a good course.
  • Forex Training – I have not done this course but they have been around for a while (Midrand)

These are the forex courses I can think of off the top of my head. Google to find mor but beware of the posers, ask them for performance history and check reviews on the net before going ahead.

The best forex trainer in South Africa

You may find this category very close to the previous one but they are in actual fact two very different things. As online trading is very much like a sport where you need training it is very important to do a course with a good trainer. As I am a trainer myself I have not done training from any of the above mentioned companies. Then why did I mention this category? It is simple. Ask your trainer to give you a call. You will immediately know whether or not there is synergy between you and your trainer. Ask them some questions regarding the content and trading process. You can do this with all the trainers and pick the one you like best.

Best forex trader in South Africa

Again I will be biased as I have not seen anyone else with the same consistent results as me. I will admit that there are probably much better traders than me around but I have yet to meet them. If you do get trading history from a trader / training company ask if they would mind to have the results verified by an auditor. If they say no, with whatever excuse, you know that their results are fake.

Best forex broker in South Africa

When it comes to forex brokers it is difficult to say as they all have different offerings. If you want to play it safe when choosing your broker than choose from one of the two biggest brokers in the world which are both present in South Africa. Saxo Markets and IG Markets are both huge international brokerages. Find out more about these to see which suites you best.

Best forex trading platform in South Africa

This depends on your requirements. My favourite is MetaTrader 4 as I have become very accustomed to it. There are however a host of platforms. Look at different brokers to see what trading platforms they offer. For those who do not know a trading platform is the software you use to execute buy and sell orders from your PC or Mobile device.

The best forex trading software in South Africa

When I say trading software I mean software that helps you decide what to buy and sell and when to buy and sell. There are many providers that claim to have their own software  but often tho is just a feed from somewhere else. At SAFX we provide you with the best proprietary software in SA. Easy-to-use and unbelievably accurate.

There you have the information, we hope this helped if you want more information on any of the topics discussed feel free to contact us at any time.